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Nuratrim Side Effects


Does Nuratrim cause any side effects?


Nuratrim is an innovative blend of Green Coffee, Glucamannan, Capsicum and Licorice Extract. Unlike the majority of dieting aids that attract a buzz from the media, Nuratrim does not contain any harmful stimulants.


How will the contents of Nuratrim affect me?


As Nuratrim is made of 100% natural ingredients there are minimal side effects and the majority of dieters can use it without further worry or guidance.


Capsicum is a chilli extract, which in recent years has been the base of an NHS diet pill that has been dubbed by the media as a ‘miracle drug’. Despite it being a chilli extract, Capsicum does not cause Nuratrim users any digestive irritation. Thanks to a pH friendly coating around the pill, it does not act as an irritant.


Glucomannan is a unique African plant root extract that has the molecular capability to hold up to 200 times it’s own weight in water. As it expands in the stomach it gives users the feeling of being full, thus preventing snacking and leading to weight loss. This ingredient is not known to cause any discomfort or side effects. The "fullness effect" is only temporary and subsides once the Nuratrim is discontiued.


Licorice extract acts to detoxify the digestive system and more recently it has faired well in clinical trials that have proved its capability in lowering LDL cholesterol. This means that Licorice extract may even be capable of keeping cardiovascular diseases at bay. There are no known side effects with low doses of licorice extract as found in Nuratrim.


Finally, Green Coffee is causing a lot of hype amongst dieters and for good reason too! As coffee that is simply yet to be roasted, it contains natural chologenic acid, which can aid in a reduction of up to 30% of body fat. Caffeine can cause side effects when taken in high doses. While Nuratrim should not cause any side effects on its own, it can cause some mild caffeine related side effects when coupled with a high caffeine intake. To avoid any adverse effects, do not take in the evening or alongside more than 6 cups of coffee or tea a day.


Is there anyone that should not take Nuratrim?


It is always advisable that anyone looking to begin a new dieting and exercise regimen consult their family doctor first. This is particularly important for those that suffer from heart disease, currently take medication and those that are diabetic.


However, all trials have displayed that Nuratrim normally poses no risk to such people, with reported cases of adverse reactions extremely rare and mild in nature.


The manufacturers of Nuratrim advise against taking Nuratrim whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.


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