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Nuratrim Ingredients


Is Nuratrim Safe?


The original combination of Nuratrim ingredients include; Glucomannan, liquorice, Capsicum and green coffee.


Glucomannan comes from the root of the Konjac plant, widely used in Japan in the making of foods such as tofu. It is extremely high in fibre making it perfect for aiding digestion.


This natural extract comes together with enzymes in the intestine to break-down chains of fatty acids. It also stimulates the release of glucose resulting in energy boosts.


Liquorice has a not so attractive but vitally important role. Improperly processed faeces in the body can build up adding up to an extra five pounds in weight, and will in turn release toxins which can cause weight gain.


Liquorice is a root and therefore high in fibre, this supports digestion and keeps the system clear.


Capsicum is the Greek word for a flower with traditional medicinal properties. More commonly referred to as a hot pepper, the capsicum family of peppers contain the powerful Capsaicin in the root and white pith.


Capsaicin has a significant effect on the digestion of carbohydrates post dining and condenses the calorie count absorbed. It also severely inhibits fat cell synthesis and stimulates the production of fat reducing proteins. Capsicum extract has a considerable effect on blood circulation, drastically improving recovery time after exercise.


Green coffee extract is a potent antioxidant and has a positive effect on glucose concentration and fatty lipids in the blood, by changing the absorption of glucose from one part of the intestine, (proximal), to another (distal).


It also alters the level of plasma adipokine and fat distribution in the body. It down regulates fatty acids and the synthesis of cholesterol, and boosts this action by increasing fatty acid oxidation.


Nuratrim Side effects


When scientifically tested, Nuratrim was found to have no negative side effects. However, it is advised to be used with water and not just before going to bed. It is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women or diabetics.


Nuratrim has all the bases covered of a weight loss aid. It suppresses the appetite, lowers cholesterol, combats cravings, improves metabolism and gives much needed energy for those work outs.


To top it off; it facilitates muscle recovery and supports a healthy digestive system.


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