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Does Nuratrim Work?


How does Nuratrim work?


Nuratrim works in 2 distinct ways to help promote weight loss and maintain a slim figure, aiming to lower daily calorie intake while forcing the body to burn more calories.


1. Nuratrim can lower daily calorie intake by up to 20%


Firstly, Nuratrim encourages you to control portion sizes by making you feel fuller faster and preventing cravings between meals.


The ingredient responsible for this is glucomannan - a natural plant extract found in the root of the Japanese Konjac plant.


This ingredient acts as a gentle appetite suppressant, thanks to its abundance of natural soluble fibre.


When digested, the fibre forms a gel like solution which binds to the contents of the stomach. Glucomannan has been referred to as natures own "gastric band". The effect is temporary and leaves you feeling full for around 2-3 hours.


Nuratrim also works to promote a healthy digestive system and features licorice extract - known as a traditional medicine for ensuring regularity.


Recent clinical studies have also shown this ingredient can lower cholesterol and reduce the amount of fat stored by our bodies.


Utilising gentle appetite suppression and detoxifying the digestive system, Nuratrim helps to prevent overeating and excess snacking, while ensuring an optimised digestive system.


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2. Nuratrim speeds up the metabolism burning more calories


The second way Nuratrim works is by encouraging your body to burn more calories throughout the day. The key ingredient used for this is capsicum extract - a naturally occurring compound found in hot spices such as chilli peppers.


Capsicum has been clinically proven to increase the metabolic rate by up to twelve times, burning as many calories each day as a 30 minutes worth of hard exercise such as swimming or jogging (around 280 calories).


The ground-breaking findings of one particular clinical study, led to the worlds first capsicum based slimming pill - Capsiplex, made by the same manufacturer as Nuratrim.


This capsicum formula (used in both Nuratrim and Capsiplex) was hailed as the "NHS miracle diet drug" by leading UK newspapers last year.


The second ingredient which is used to boost the metabolism is green coffee.


While there has been a huge buzz around this weight loss ingredient over recent years, many people still do not understand what green coffee really is.


Quite simply, this is coffee which has not been roasted - the process which gives coffee beans their dark rich colour. Green coffee contains more antioxidants and essentially more chologenic acid.


Scientists believe this acid has the ability to fight cellulite and metabolise fat cells into energy. One recent clinical study found that taking green coffee extract before meals can result in 30% fat loss over just 2 months.


Nuratrim conclusion


Unlike the vast majority of slimming products currently available, Nuratrim works to both suppress appetite and speed up the metabolism. This dual action formula can give dramatic results which other supplements can only dream of.


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